Prince William Sound

prince william sound
Left to Right:
Ralph Johnson, Tenor; Glenn Dockery, Lead; Al Elkins, Bass; Al Litchfield, Bari.

“Prince William Sound” is a registered barbershop quartet that was formed in 1986 and whose members have a combined barbershop singing experience of over 125 years.

The quartet’s repertoire consists of traditional and contemporary barbershop, gospel, patriotic, and some light comedic songs, all sung in four-part harmony. They perform at both private and public events, including parties, church services, fairs, open houses, dinners, birthdays, and other special occasions.

To contact Prince William Sound please call Al Litchfield at 703-330-8787 or if not available, then call Al Elkins @ 703 494 2591 or fill out the form below:

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