Hear Our Sound

What is Barbershop Sound? It is a different sound from a choral or a choir sound. Not that they are bad because most of our guys sing in them. We have what you would say is a little unique sound. We sing a lot of Dominant 7th for you musicians. The Melody is carried by what we call the LEAD Section and they will do that almost all of the time except some pick up by the other sections. The Baritone Section general fills in the Dominant 7th and parallels the tenor music in choral or church music. The Bass Section of course is the lower voices and generally is a little lower than say church music. The Tenor Section will almost always sing higher than the LEAD or the Melody line. That can Occasionally push them into a high “C” or “D”. They will sometimes double the bass part and that make s for a ringing and fabulous sound.

That may be an over simplified analysis, but one that may give you the favor of our singing. You need to hear or come sing with us and find out what it is all about.